PF Consultant

Employee’s provident funds & miscellaneous provisions act, 1952(PF)

  • Applying for and getting EPF registration/EPF code number.
  • Sending monthly reminder for EPF payment.
  • Preparation and filling of monthly challan with Employees' Provident Fund Authority.
  • Regular maintenance and preparation of statutory registers and records as required under the EPF Act/Schemes.
  • Providing daily consultation on matters related to EPF, Pension Scheme and Insurance Scheme.
  • Assistance to employees in withdrawal from EPF.
  • Responding to show cause notices issued by Inspector/Commissioner.
  • To advise and assist establishments in the course of inspection and search of any premises by the Inspector.
  • Representing the establishments at the time of inquiry made by the Inspector.
  • Correspondence / Liaison with the concerned EPF Department / Office.
  • Responding to claims against the firm, establishing and assisting in arriving at fair settlement.